Cell Salts

Cell salts, sometimes known as tissue salts, were developed by Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler 1821 – 1889. They consist of the very basic minerals that our cells depend on for balance.

There is a great PDF download about cell salts on the celletech web site.  Here is the link:  http://www.brighterdayfoods.com/PDFDocs/l/LR72WHCKJQ1V9LTGKT8CGWX7TM5B1NP5.PDF

I enjoy doing business with the Celletech Company, located in Wisconsin.  http://www.celletech.com/default.jsp  They provide the remedies in amber glass bottles, which you can either recycle or use for something else when done.  They offer a huge selection of homeopathic remedies.

There is another quick chart HERE on cell salts.

Wikipedia has a pretty good explanation HERE.

There is a biography of Dr. Schuessler HERE


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